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eVA Directory

Hours: 8:00AM – 4:45PM MF

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eVA Customer Care


OUTSIDE US: 804-371-2525

Email: eVACustomerCare@DGS.Virginia.gov

Shane Caudill
eVA Director

Phone: (804) 283-6474



Lisa Kirby
eVA Deputy Director

Phone: (804) 291-6471 Lisa.Kirby@dgs.virginia.gov


Jan Giffin
eVA Business Manager
Phone: (804) 225-3689

For a list of DPS Employees, please refer to this directory.

DPS Directory

David Foster
eVA Operations

Phone: (804) 225-4628 David.Foster@dgs.virginia.gov


Ghania Hallie
eVA Customer Care

Phone: 1-866-289-7367



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Phone: (804) 291-6471

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