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eVA Transition Newsroom


Shane Caudill
eVA Director

Phone: (804) 283-6474

Jan Giffin
eVA Business Manager
Phone: (804) 225-3689

Barbara Layman
PCR Director

Phone: (804) 786-0324

Joel Padow
eVA Technical Project Manager
Phone: (804) 225-2690


Press Releases

February 12, 2021- DGS Awards New Contract for eVA Statewide e- Procurement System (PDF)
February 2021- Message from DGS Director, Joe Damico (PDF)
February. 23, 2021 Commonwealth of Virginia awards long-term contract  to CGI for
transformation of eVA procurement system.

March 11, 2021 - Commonwealth of Virginia uses Ivalua’s platform for transformation of eVA procurement system


Buyer Transition Training
Train the Trainer Website


eVA Transition Testing

Testing Website

Design Briefing - Contracts and Vendor Performance - 07/29/21
Design Briefing - Sourcing Overview - 07/19/21
Design Briefing - P2P/Catalog Overview -  07/13/21
Design Briefing - General Overview -  07/08/21

BUG Meeting Schedule & Links    
December 9th 2021BUG Meeting

2021 BUG Meeting Playback Videos
October 14, 2021 BUG Meeting Playback - October BUG Meeting Q&A
September 16, 2021 Meeting Playback
August 26, 2021 BUG Meeting Playback - Conversion Road Map
August 19, 2021 Bug Meeting Playback
July 15, 2021 Bug Meeting Playback
June 10, 2021 Bug Meeting Playback
May 13, 2021 BUG Meeting Playback
April 15, 2021 BUG Meeting Playback     
March 18, 2021 BUG Meeting Playback 
February 18, 2021 BUG Meeting Playback

Conversion Information
Conversion Road Map
Important Dates You Need to Know

Conversion FAQ's

Information for Businesses (Suppliers)

Transition Announcement, Oct 15th

New Platform Highlights
eVA Transition Update – for Suppliers – July 2021 Video

Supplier FAQs, V1, May 2021
What's NOT Changing

Information for Purchasing Professionals
(State, Higher Ed, Local Gov't Buyers)

That's a wrap! Close open orders before cutover!
Know Before You Post - Transition Impacts to Solicitations!
New Platform HighlightsFAQs:
Buyer FAQs, V4, September 2021
What's NOT Changing

What's Coming Next (Milestones)

Train the Trainer (Buyer) - October 2021

Training – End User (Buyer) – November – December 2021

User Acceptance Testing – DPS Internal – October 2021

User Acceptance Testing – External Entity – November 2021

Training – End User (Supplier) – December 2021

Conversion/Cutover Weekend – Starts December 30th at 5pm

Go Live!! – Monday, January 3rd, 2022

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